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Welcome to

First Choice Business Brokers New York City


We can help you to Buy or Sell a Business in the greater New York City area.

Are you looking to buy or sell an existing business in the New York City area? Then you have come to the right place!

Established in 1994, First Choice Business Brokers has grown to become one of the largest organizations in the U.S. specializing in business sales. We have listed and managed the sale of over $7.5 billion in businesses for sale. Buyers and sellers alike can enjoy the accessibility and expertise of a national network of professional business brokers and the largest inventory of businesses available for sale.

We have the experience, knowledge, and dedication you’re looking for when it comes to professional representation. Our knowledgeable professionals bring value to every transaction creating a near seamless transition of ownership between buyer and seller.

Sellers - If your goal is to sell an existing business in the New York City area then First Choice Business Brokers is the only choice for you. From guidance in preparing your business for sale, expert market valuation with proven methods to a smooth transition of ownership to a buyer we will be with you every step of the way.  

As experienced business brokers, we know you've worked hard to achieve success. That's why you deserve experienced, licensed professionals who specialize in business sales – you need First Choice Business Brokers. We are large enough to offer Buyers the greatest selection of available businesses for sale, yet small enough to give Sellers individual attention.

Buyers - If you are looking to purchase an existing business, we will walk you through the entire buying process and be with you every step of the way. From searching for the perfect business to a smooth transition of ownership from the seller to you, we go the extra mile for our clients which has earned us the much deserved reputation of unsurpassed service and professionalism with a personal touch. And with the largest national list of exclusive businesses for sale, we are confident we can help you find the business you're looking for.

All First Choice Business Brokers have completed extensive training through FCU (First Choice University) and attend on-going continuing education making our Business Broker Professional among the most highly trained experts in the field of business evaluation, business sales, business marketing and buy/sell negotiations to satisfy both buyers and sellers alike. This is just one reason why we're The World’s Authority in Business Sales.

In summary, if you have a business you would like to sell or are ready to buy a business, we would be proud to be your “first choice” for buyer or seller representation in the New York City area.

Contact First Choice Business Brokers today to find out more to discuss your goals!


Why Should You Hire a Business Broker to Sell Your Business in New York


       Maximize the Value

The straightforward answer is to maximize the value. Brokers do an expert valuation job to set the right price and get the highest value possible in the market. The Brokers' entire focus is on the sale, while owners tend to have limited time and expertise to devote to a complex sales process.

       Accurate Business Valuation

The goal of selling a business is to get the correct value for your hard work,  it can be challenging to do yourself. A business broker can help you. FCBB in New York provides a network of expertise and assessment tools proven over 40 years to achieve accurate valuation.

       Close Deals Quickly

One of the most common complaints when selling a business is the time it takes. If you're in New York City, talk to us at FCBB. We can help you close deals quickly. We make it a simple operation for you.

       Qualified Pool Of Buyers

A highly experienced broker will have a pool of qualified buyers. This means you won't have to wait for the right people to find you.

       Making the Process Easy

Selling a business is complicated, and there can be pitfalls. You can avoid panic with an experienced broker to support you. A First Choice Business Broker in New York is there for you to prevent pitfalls  and guide you to a smooth sale.

       Knowledge About Financing Options

An essential aspect of selling a business is choosing suitable financial options. FCBB Brokers have the professional to set up appropriate financials so you are confident during the process.


Six Things You Should Know Before You Sell Your Business


1.)Know your business well

Trying to sell a business without stating its full potential can be an issue. Your broker will want to know all the company details and create a comprehensive description to attract the right buyer and the best sale.

2.)An accurate business valuation is essential to a successful sale.

When the valuation is accurate, and the price is right, a business will sell more quickly and easily. Without the correct valuation tools or understanding of current market trends and comparables, setting an accurate valuation is more like taking a guess. It would be best to get in touch with a business broker like FCBB for your precise valuation.

3.)Finding the best buyers for your business.

It goes without saying that for sales to happen quickly, you need a well-qualified buyer. First Choice Business Brokers in New York have lists of buyers ready and interested in your type of business.

4.)Transparency throughout the sales process is attractive to the right buyer.

When selling a business, it is critical to be as open as possible and divulge everything about your business to your broker. Your broker understands the process for disclosure to the buyer and when it is the right time to do so. In some cases, neglecting to mention specific facts about your business can land you in legal trouble.

5.)Good buyers will expect figures to be verifiable.

A good rule of thumb regarding facts and figures about your company is to make them verifiable. Your business broker can help you find the right metrics for your business and make the business attractive to excellent buyers.

6.) Profits margins are more attractive to buyers than revenue

Buyers are concerned with profit margins before annual revenue. The higher the profit margin, the easier it is to sell your business.


Selling Your Business? - Frequently Asked Questions


-Can My Business be Sold?

Yes, every business will sell for the right price. A consultation with your nearest business broker can help you assess your business's current saleability. If you are in the New York City area, contact FCBB.

-How Can I Evaluate My Business Worth?

An incorrect valuation can harm the potential of a successful sale. The best way to evaluate the worth of your business is by consulting with a team of professionals to get an accurate valuation from the start.

-Do I Need a Business Broker?

A business broker is ideal for you when preparing your business for sale. They can help in areas that may be difficult for you or your team to manage on top of day-to-day operations. Examples are negotiations, legal paperwork, financials, and due diligence.

-What Is Due Diligence?

Due diligence identifies risks and takes precautions to ensure you are safe during the sales process. Risk management will avoid bad deals by preventing suspicious buyers and suspect transactions. Due diligence always pays off in the long run!

-How do Business Brokers Value a Business?

Business valuation depends on the broker's internal strategies. The simple answer would be that a broker assigns a monetary value to the business that considers various aspects of the company and the type of business.

Estimating the worth of your business involves:

    Assessment of tangible assets such as inventory, property, and equipment.

       Assessment of intangible assets like patents, copyrights, relationships with customers, and future earning potential of the business.

        Understand the current market and comparables.

-Do I Have Taxes to consider?

Yes, there are applicable taxes, which can be a complicated subject when you sell your business. FCBB in New York has access to a team who will help determine taxation and legal issues to avoid future repercussions.

-How Can I Choose the Right Business Broker?

There are a few key aspects to consider when searching for a business broker in New York:




A Broker with experience will have a proven success rate and the credibility of experts to back them. A flexible broker will serve you well in all aspects of preparing and selling your business.

-What Kind Of Businesses Do Brokers Sell?

A business broker can sell all types of businesses. However, some specialized brokers cater to a specific niche or domain. Find a broker experienced in your niche or domain who understands the value of your business in that market.

-How Can I Keep The Sale of My Business Confidential?

A non-disclosure agreement will keep your business sale confidential. A business broker will draft a legally binding non-disclosure agreement. Then presents this agreement to the buyer for signature at the right time.

-What Are The Fees Involved In Selling A Business?

A broker will determine fees based on the situation. There are several factors to consider, size and location of the business, the niche, and current market. For more information consult with your First Choice Business Broker, New York.